Many utility companies in need of advance technology in metering solutions tend to overlook and underplay the importance of strategic planning, or do not possess the specific expertise to evaluate and plan an overall strategy. This planning is a necessary and forms a vital part of the technology behind the metering solutions for the utility companies. A framework needs to be developed to ensure that all parts of the process fit together, whether they are installed now, or in a couple of years. Without strategic planning, companies can be saddled with obsolete technologies that cannot grow with the utility company needs.
MOMAS will evaluate your current metering environment, expected short and long term requirements and develop an overall metering solutions.
MOMAS will work closely with your personnel to define and develop the overall plan. Our process takes more effort and more science, but it provides a fit that no off-the-shelf model could achieve. Whenever we discover that the management or a management committee has developed a new organizational structure, which seems appropriate to them, we assist in this area by carrying out an evaluation of the proposed structure and design an appropriate metering technology to suit the new structure.

Our service include:




We setup and commission prepayment metering site and installations on Local Area Network for major Estates, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (Zones Districts) in Lagos and beyond respectively with adequate 24/7 support services..



Complete STS technology, 24/7 online solutions for vending. This allowed consumers loads their meters by purchasing electricity scratch card, trough customer's phone or internet by visiting our website.


MOMAS has acquired the equipments requires for testing and calibration of all kinds of electricity meters – credit, electronics, prepaid, automatic meter reading (AMR) etc. All meters are required to be tested to ensure it conform with our utility standard and other international regulations on metering.


MOMAS can provide project management services to oversee the installation, debug, and turn up of any new systems that are installed. This can include supervision of contractors and vendors to ensure that all aspects of the job are coordinated and that critical milestones are met or exceeded to ensure an on-time and on-budget project.


In certain situations MOMAS can also be contracted to carry out the implementation of the plan with our personnel. We will take responsibility for acquisition of component parts, staging and installation, debug and turn
up, user training and post installation support as well as subcontracting any special skills that may be necessary for the project.



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To provide highly innovative technological solutions to our customers with zeal and passion while adding value to our stakeholders and our industry. “To be a leading technological metering solutions company committed to the provision of excellent services.”

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