Momas supply security seal that works well in all weather conditions and gives us the ability to offer security seals in an array of colours. Company name and consecutive numbers are hot stamped in a contrasting colour allowing for the seals to be easily read. Security seals are an excellent way of ensuring well and safety delivery of goods if you are concerned with security, safety, visibility and readability.


Meters and Bags Seal

Convenient method for securing bags, meters and goods with the added bonus of providing tamper evident protection. Seals that carry imprinted numbers or bar codes can warn meter supply authority  or bag  receiver that an item has been opened if the number on the seal is different than the original number or if the seal is broken / missing. This tamper evident feature is unique to plastic seals and offers security that a traditional lock and key system cannot.

Truck Seal

The Truck Seal is a fixed length security seal that is the most secure, reliable way to secure your trailer and tanker's doors and transportation equipment. Truck Seals are used heavily within the Freight & Cargo, Retail, Cash & Transit & Airline Industries. Due to its patented design, the Truck Seal is the easiest to use and the strongest plastic trailer and tanker seal available.

• Durable, all-plastic, one-piece construction.
• Patented tamper-resistant nylon locking mechanism.
• Weather resistant; withstands extreme cold and heat.
• Individually numbered and stamped with company name.
• Produced in easy-to-use strips of 20 with no plastic waste.
• Trailer Doors               • Bags
• Bulk Tankers                • Elecricity Meter
• Railcars                       • Airfreight
• Retail Distribution        • Totes

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