Revenue protection
MOMAS has the answer to your electricity revenue protection! The Solution is the marriage of our innovative technology and systems that completely revolutionise the old meter reading paradigm. It is not about the meter readings! It is about having all the right information, in real time, for every aspect that has an influence on and makes this increasingly large part of your turnover so difficult to understand and manage. Our holistic approach enables us to accurately show what the optimum recovery could be versus what was achieved – the ultimate performance management system. Are you using the most cost effective, value driven, fee based solution for your portfolio?
MOMAS's solutions are designed to protect utility revenues by providing accurate, reliable and timely billing information promoting greater billing transparency and reduced consumption disputes, while also identifying network theft and line losses.
MOMAS’s advanced metering solutions allows utilities to automatically collect accurate and reliable meter billing data, and gives customers greater clarity over the energy they have consumed, identifying when, and even how, they have consumed it. Increased billing transparency and reduces billing disputes and helps utilities collect revenues in a timely and cost effective manner.
MOMAS technology can also be used to monitor electricity flows through the transmission and distribution network down to the point of energy consumption, allowing utilities to detect and locate line losses and illegal connections, and ensure their energy is accounted for.
Benefits to Both Customers and Utilities Company
A prepayment solution has great benefits for the utility and the consumer. The concept of electricity revenue management offers electricity utilities a reliable means of collecting revenue upfront and enables new and budget conscious consumers to manage their consumption effectively.
The utility benefits from improved cash flow and reduced financial risk with payment being in advance for the supply of essential services. This results in better cash flow with no bad debts or arrears and operating costs are also reduced due to no meter reading, billing or mailing overheads.
Consumers on the other hand, benefit by being in control of their electricity expenditure as they only pay for what they consume. It allows them to budget for their electricity and avoid bad debts, arrears and disconnection/reconnection costs. In the event of a previous debt, the prepayment system enables consumers to pay back their debt and remain connected.


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