"What we provide is not only the products but also couple with the best solutions."

Taking a systemic approach to growing its product line, MOMAS's range of products work well together to provide customers with the lowest installed costs in the industry. Utilizing the latest technologies in design and prototyping tools, MOMAS's experienced development teams work closely with customers to assure groundbreaking performance, lower labour rates, reduced administrative and inventory costs, and results which exceed expectations.




Metering solutions is our priority, we deploy, install and manage various type of advanced electricity meter such as: MD (Maximum Demand) AMR Meters  with embedded GPRS technology, SmartCard AMR Meters with embedded PLCC technology, SmartCard Electronic Meters, Conlog STS Meters, Electronic Digital Meters and Electronic Analogue or Electro Mechanical Meters.




At MOMAS we supply series of test instruments builds on the rugged reputation,  MOMAS test instruments are preferred tester for every front-line electrician/installer. This are tools that has it all, in a word: its complete. From all the test functions you need to in-built memory for documenting results. This makes it the complete solutions for professionals, especially contractors, everyone who would want to have the best tool available.

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MOMAS has been operating in Nigeria since 1995. MOMAS activities in the following  areas of operation, these being Cable Management, Interconnection, current transformers, test terminals blocks, circuit breakers and Network Management. Through its overseas affiliations MOMAS is able to offer not only a wide range of electrical accessories to meet every need, but in addition, it can call on the experience and expertise gained by its associated companies through many years of invaluable experience.




Momas supply security seal that works well in all weather conditions and gives us the ability to offer security seals in an array of colours. Company name and consecutive numbers are hot stamped in a contrasting colour allowing for the seals to be easily read. Series of security seal for protection of goods. Security seal such as METER and TANKER seal, with unique authentication number on them.

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We are the leading supplier of electric meter boxes in our market. Our range of fire and water resistance meter boxes includes fibreglass cabinets for low voltage single phase meters and three phase meters, electrical meter boxes for max counter three phase meters, Momas meter boxes for underground cable link, polyester enclosures for electronic electricity meters, we design our meter box according to power company specifications and EN IEC standards.




Momas has also being involved in the supply of authentic and reliable 11/33/132 overhead and terminations materials from Pfisterer. Innovative solutions for distribution and transmission line, comprehensive component and package solutions for low-, medium- and high-voltage networks up to 1000 kV.

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The sets are designed to supply electric energy to the users of industrial and domestic facilities at main and other operating modes. The sets are manufactured in the modular-transportable version. Operates within the range of -60C to +50C using gaseous fuel both independently and in parallel with the network system. The GTD starting is effected from an electric starter.




The past 20th century was the century of rushing development of both aviation and land application equipment. The Zaporozhye-based Motor Sich JSC was founded in 1907 and is recognized as the leading aircraft engine-building enterprise. With 100 years experience in the field of manufacture, overhaul and service support of aircraft engines for various applications. This allow MOMAS to be ahead of her competitors in terms of bringing state of the art equipment to our local industries.


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To provide highly innovative technological solutions to our customers with zeal and passion while adding value to our stakeholders and our industry. To be a leading technological metering solutions company committed to the provision of excellent services.

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