Prepayment Overview

Prepayment metering simply means PAY AS YOU GO in which you pay for electricity before using it, and you are fully in control of your electricity consumption.

Prepayment metering is a modern form of electricity metering that is well suited to the lifestyle of most people. The meter essentially consists of a software controlled unit, with exceptional levels of accuracy. The customer is in control of the electricity consumption and has visible indication inside the residence (or small business) of the actual consumption and the number of units left inside the meter.

Meter reading errors, or those errors associated with estimations of meter readings are something of the past, as are any additional fees for disconnections or reconnections due to late payment. Any customer facing financial difficulty is able to manage electricity consumption much more careful and may even, by choice decide what to put on or put off in the house to maximise consumption.

Prepayment electricity is neither more expensive nor less expensive than any other form in which electricity is supplied. The tariff rates remain exactly the same. Your existing credit meter may be exchanged for a prepayment meter for a preset fee.

Prepayment meters come in two:
SmartCard - technology is a two way communication system using the SmartCard to vend and also to reload meter.
 Loading With KeyPad - is a form of using an encrypted algorithm to generate tokens which is loaded into the meter using key pad.


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