SmartCard 3DES Prepayment Meter Low voltage PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication) AMR Solutions


Three-Phase Smart Card Prepayment Digital Energy Meter which uses the international leading microchip. This meter adopt PLC 3000 serial chip and have Metering, PLCC and Relay control functions. This meter is high integrated, fast calculating, and low power consumption, varies interfaces advantage. IC card meter adopt the intelligent and high safety and stable CPU card, which using the international issued 3DES encryption arithmetic. The IC card meter adopt T1,T2,T3,T4 price to realize the meter’s prepayment functions. More over, by presetting the warning amount threshold and power impulse threshold, it can send a warning signal to the user and cut off the power when arrears happen (when the balance enter zero (owing)). The IR handheld equipment can set the parameter and PLCC real time reading monitoring ,which is easy manage to the users consumption condition . This meter comply to GB/T 17215-2002 ( IEC61036), GB/T 15284-2002 standards, The IC card parameter comply to DL/T 698-1999 , IR communication standard comply to DL/T 645-1997. The meter’s function is stable, and calculate precisely, roll display, and easy to install. It is best choice to used in the resident and industry’s power metering and controlling fields

Working Principle

Metering completed by PLM3000 metering unit, which is high precision, large dynamic width. It is safe and stable. IC card meter is assembled of PL3000 metering, varies communication interface, LCD display, relay control are the main control units, it is very high integrated, low power consumption, and small size. Meanwhile, it also integrates clock and crystal, very low error happens, auto leap year adjustment.

Communication Function

IR and PLCC are possible for real-time data transfer functions in FD327. PLCC is used for reading meter data remotely and monitoring the meter working status. Base Computer Station can carry out an analysis of the faults/tampers of previous month. IR communication is used for reading meter data and setting meter parameters locally. Data can be transferred offline using the Smart Card.

Overview of the System
The following diagram is the system structure:
Error : Conform to IEC1036-1996 standard Meter’s type: DDM 304
Reference frequency : 50Hz Phase type: 3 Phase
Measurement range : 000000.00--999999.99kWh Accuracy class: 1
Clock error : Precede 0.5 s/day (under reference condition) Rated voltage: 240/415
PLCC : spread spectrum 63bits , main frequency 120K band width 15KHz Meter constant(imp/kWh): 200
power consumption : static status: less than1.5w, communication status les than 3W Rated current (A): 25 (100)
Meter size : length X width X height X: 282 mm ×169 mm ×83.5mm  
Power supply : 240/415V±20%  
Relay current capacity : >100A  
Impulse output parameter : Impulse width 80 ms±20%,5-24V DC supply  
Operating temperature : -20℃~50℃  
Operating humidity : Less than 75%  
Storage and transmit temperature temperature : -25℃~75℃  

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