The past 20th century was the century of rushing development of both aviation and land application equipment. The Zaporozhye-based Motor Sich JSC was founded in 1907 and is recognized as the leading aircraft engine-building enterprise. With 100 years experience in the field of manufacture, overhaul and service support of aircraft engines for various applications. This allow MOMAS to be ahead of her competitors in terms of bringing state of the art equipment to our local industries.



MOMAS as an experienced supplier of aero-engines and accesories can offer aviation industries answers to the latest aviation technologies. Based on solid reputation and product performance history our aero-engines and accesories from MOTOR SICH JSC continues to serve the aviation industries with a wide spectrum of high quality and economically efficient products.


Motor Sich aero-engines include: AI-20, AI-24, AI-25, AI-25TL, TV3-117, AI-8, D-36, D-18T, D-36,Series 4A, D-136, AI-9, AI-9V, D-436T1/T2/148, AI-450-MS, D-436TP, TV3-117VMA-SBM1, A19-3B, AI-22, D-27, AI-222-25, AI-450 and VK-2500. 

Latest aviation technologies accessories including a wide range of Forge-rolled blade, blade with erosion protective coating, unit-cast NGV's assemblies and a tubine disk, integrally-bladed wheel fabricated by high-speed milling, explosion formed parts, precision stamped blade blanks and intricate-shaped casting made of titanium alloy.



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To provide highly innovative technological solutions to our customers with zeal and passion while adding value to our stakeholders and our industry. “To be a leading technological metering solutions company committed to the provision of excellent services.”

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