Why GPRS System?

All the other common, viable and conventional communication systems cannot afford us a real time connection. For e.g., in the PSTN line connection, we need to dial the number first (called server calling), establish a connection and then communicate. Since this method is not always online this is not suitable for real time applications. On the other hand, GPRS system is an Always-online system and client calling system (as against server calling system). The meters are always online and connected to the server, and can be communicated with at any time and in real time. Meters can transmit data to the BCS (Base Computer Station) automatically. In case of errors in any meter, an alarm can be raised by the meter to the BCS automatically. The meters find the BCS by recording an IP address of the BCS in its SIM card (quite similar to an address used to access a website on the Internet). The GPRS service provider (typically Mobile Phone Service Provider) will charge on the quantum of data transfer and not on connection time. As of today, the GPRS system can be considered the most advanced, fastest and cheapest system for remote monitoring of HT meters.

FD131 is an advanced three-phase multi-function energy meter with GPRS communication. This meter is based on the three-phase multi-function metering IC PL3223 and multi-function metering SoC (System on Chip) PL3201 design of which we possess the Intellectual Property Rights.

GPRS Meter Operating Mode

Mode one---Always online: keep sending pulse signal to ensure online 24hours.he pulse signal interval can be set by BCS depending on the condition of communication.


A typical installation of GPRS meter in a building.

If the communication lose, the GPRS meter will keep trying to reconnect automatically. If communication keeping failed for some time( preset the threshold), then the meter will only try to reconnect once a day. At the same time, the meter will always wait for wake up by BCS.


Mode two---not always online: The meter will automaticaly connect to the internet at the preset time. Then send the fixed data back to BCS. If the real time operation is requried, the BCS can send command to wakeup the meter by SMS or by GPRS data transfer.


GPRS data transfer: the GPRS data transfer service of the SIM card should be opened. When the BCS dail to meter, the meter will connect to internet automatically.

SMS: the SMS service of the SIM card should be opened. When the BCS send the SMS to meter, the meter will connect to internet automatically.

System Configuration and Arrangement

The System on the whole can be considered to be comprising of two parts. One the BCS and the Other Momas' Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter with GPRS Function FD131. The structure of the Whole System is shown in the Diagram below:

Basic Technical Performance Parameters
Metering System: 3 Phase 3/4 wire system
Operating Voltage: 3x240/415V
Operating Frequency: 50 Hz + 5%
Basic Current (Ib): -/1A or -/5A as required
Max Current: 2 x Ib
RTC Error: 0.5s/day max (under reference conditions)
Energy Consumption: < 5W
Measurement range: 000000.00--999999.99kWh
Pulse output: Width 80 ms± 20%, 5-24V DC external power source
Operation temperature: -10% to 55% : -20% to 60%
Operation Humidity: 95% in 45%
Storage & Transfer: -25% ~+75%

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